Date: 30.07.2015

The program

There are several key features in the programme that are present every year.

On the one hand, presenting the historic roots of jazz: standard, blues, bebop, swing, Dixieland, boogie-woogie... Over the years more than twenty big bands have played Bansko. Besides the traditional participants from the Big Band of Bulgarian National Radio with conductor Yanko Miladinov, which usually opens the event, former guest performers include the big formations of Vili Kazasyan, Georgi Borisov, Angel Zaberski, Big Band Blagoevgrad, several orchestras from Germany, including IKS Big Band, Kelag Big Band from Austria. The 10th edition of the festival featured the possibly most unusual orchestra in the festival’s history - SHAPE International Big Band, part of the NATO official orchestra. The 16th edition also hosted the Elmhurst College Jazz Band with conductor Doug Beach from the US.

On the other hand, the contemporary face of “free music". Although quite different in nature, ethno-styles also have a permanent place in the festival. “Krakatau Band” from Indonesia, “Yehya Khalil Band” from Egypt, our own “Bulgara”, as well as Stoyan and Elitsa, who performed on stage fom the premiere of “Drumboy” . The 9th festival edition gathered Vlatko Stefanovski , Miroslav Tadic and Theodosius Spassov together on stage, and the music from their “Third Mother” project is still touring the world stages.

The festival programme has featured almost all great Bulgarian jazz performers, such as Milcho Leviev, Simeon Shterev, Mihail Yossifov, Hristo Yotsov, Camellia Todorova, Vassil Petrov, Stefka Onikyan, Hilda Kazasyan, Beloslava, Maria Ilieva, Petar Salchev, Miroslava Katzarova, Mery Taneva and many young rising stars of Bulgarian jazz .

Here are some of the best known foreign performers who have played Bansko: 
Scot Hamilton (USA), Axel Zwingenberger (Germany), Silvan Zing (Switzerland), Keito Saito (Japan), Uros Peric (Slovenia), Sharrie Williams (USA), Hubert Tubbs (USA), Freddie Cole (USA), Larry Vuckovich (USA), Leila Amons (USA), Irving Louis Lattin (USA), Jackie Ryan (USA), Rick Margitza (USA), Jamie Davis (USA), Benny Golson (USA), Champian Fulton (USA), Bobby Carcasses (Cuba), Ive Mendes (Brazil), Kuba Stankiewicz ( Poland), Igor Butman (Russia), Yehya Khalil (Egypt), Oleg Kireyev (Russia), Igor Bril (Russia), Candy Dulfer (Netherlands), Hans Dulfer (Netherlands), Tania Maria (Brazil), Ana Moura (Portugal), Vlodek Pavlik (Poland), Clare Teal (UK), Mungo Jerry (UK), Steve Hackett (UK), Denise Jannah (Netherlands), Charles Papazov (Canada), Yoni Vida (Belgium), Iyeoka (USA), China Moses (USA), Philip Catherine (Belgium), the performers from the bands Incognito (UK), Ray Gelato (UK), Jive Aces (UK), Eftekasat (Egypt), Djabe (Hungary), Seven Kings (France), Spaghetti Swing (Italy), Ehud Ettun Trio (Israel), Assaf Kehati Trio (Israel) and many others. For one of the greatest soul musicians, Solomon Burke (USA), the festival in Bansko, regrettably, was one of his last concert performances.

In order to enjoy our programme this year, too, please use our webpage to plan your stay at the festival. Jazz aficionados can use their jazz holiday in Bansko to delight in the wealth of museums and galleries, churches, cultural and archaeological monuments, scenic sites, spa centres, golf course, etc. Bansko and the region offer excellent conditions for summer tourism and mountain adventures.    


Bansko Jazz Fest 2015 Program


START – 19 : 00 h.


August 7th, Friday

1. Christina Kirova Quintet (Bulgaria) - Christina Kirova – vocals, Angel Nikolov – piano, Alexander Vasev – keyboard, Stefan Vratchev – double bass, Issak Benbassat – drums

2. Newstalgia Project International (Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Slovenia) – Tsarina Marinkova (piano, Bulgaria ), George Dimitriu (guitar, Romania ),Mattia Magatelli (double bass, Italy), Kristijan Krajnčan (drums, Slovenia)

3. Acid Folk Five (Bulgaria) – Ekaterina Angelova – vocals, Georgi Petrov – piano, Ivo Paunov – bass, Filip Ernsting – drums

4. Magi Alexieva “MEY” & Lolas Quartet (Bulgaria) – Magi Alexieva “MEY” – vocals, Lubo Tsanev - piano, Radoslav Slavchev – bass, Bogomil Enchev – drums


START 20:30

“100 years Frank Sinatra”

Vassil Petrov & Big Band Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) – Boris Yanev -    conductor

August 8th, Saturday

1. Vassil Petrov & Big Band Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) – Vassil Petrov – vocals, Boris Yanev - conductor

2. Shelly Berg Trio (USA / Bulgaria) – Shelly Berg – piano, Radoslav Slavchev – bass, Bogomil Enchev – drums

3. Leonid Ptashka – (Israel / Bulgaria) – Leonid Ptashka – piano, Stefan Vratchev – double bass, Issak Benbassat – drums

4. Mungo Jerry (UK) – Ray Dorset – guitar, lead vocals, Jon Playle – bass, backing vocals, Toby Hounsham – keyboards, backing vocals, Bob White - drums

August 9th, Sunday

1. Dimitrov / Georgiev jazz project quartet (Bulgaria / USA) – Matt Marantz - saxophone, Alex Goodman - guitar, Georgi Georgiev - bass, Dimitar Dimitrov - drums

2. Silvan Zingg Trio (Switzerland / Portugal) - Silvan Zingg – piano , Nuno Alexandre - double bass, Valerio Felice - drums

3. The Jazzbones (Germany) - Manfred Schmelzer – trombone, Dominik Michael – drums, Willy Haasz – saxophone, clarinet, Jürgen Aschoff– banjo, Christoph Schneichel – trumpet, Max Hütten – guitar and vocals, Reinhard Gries – piano, Rien Kolkman – double bass

4. Jam Station (Serbia) - Mihailo Tatić – guitar, vocal, Lazar Petrović – lead guitar, Mihajlo Ivanović – bass guitar, Želimir Maršnjak – drums, Milan Jovanović – piano, Filip Stipsić – saxophone, Nikola Stanojević – trombone

August 10th, Monday

1. Vesela Morova & Dandalunda Brazil project (Bulgaria) – Vesela Morova – vocal, Kalin Zhechev – piano, Mihail Josifov – guitar, Radoslav Slavchev – bass, Atanas Popov – percussion, Vassil Voutev – drums, Vladislav Michev – trombone, Georgi Stoykov – trumpet .Amazonia Dance Project: Elena Bali, Larissa Franklim, Maria Cossa, Harita Asunami

2. Klezmafour (Poland) - Andrzej Czapliński - violin, vocal, Rafał Grząka – accordion,Wojciech Czapliński - clarinet, vocal, Gabriel Tomczuk – double bass, electronics, Paweł Maruszak - drums

3. RON (Italy) – Ron – vocals, piano & guitar, Giovanna- cello, Mattia Del Forno – keyboard, Emiliano Mangia – guitar

4. Dirty Purchase (Bulgaria) – Hristoslav Galileev – Galio – bass guitar, Nikolai Danev – drums and percussion, Liudmil Stoinev – keyboard, guitar and violin, Ivan Letchev – guitar and violin, Mihail Iosifov – trumpet, Velislav Stoyanov – trombone, Emil Mintchev - vocal

August 11th, Tuesday

1. Yildiz Ibrahimova & Jazz Eagles Big Band (Bulgaria / Turkey) – Yildiz Ibrahimova - vocals, Murat Aksoy – conductor

2. Bágyi Balázs New Quartet (Hungary) - János Ávéd – saxophone, Dezső Oláh – piano, Péter Oláh – bass, Balázs Bágyi – drums

3. Carmen Souza “Live at Lagny” (Portugal) – Carmen Souza - vocals , acoustic guitar, rhodes or wurlitzer,  Theo Pas'cal (Musical director) - bass, double bass, backvocals, Eliaz Kacomanolis - drums/percussion, Aidan Glover - acoustic piano

4. Eftekasat World Jazz (Egypt)- Amro Salah – piano, keyboards, Samer George – bass, Ahmad Hesham – drums, Sherif Alaa – guitar, Mohamed Medhat – violin, Hany Bedair – percussion

August 12th, Wednesday

1. Lesní zvěř (Czech Republic) – Jiří Hradil - piano, Hammond, synth, koncovka flute, Martin Čech - drums, Miloš Rejsek - vocals, melodika, delay, guest Marek Steyer - trumpet

2. Monty Alexander Trio (USA) – Monty Alexander - piano, Hassan Shakur – bass, Obed Calvaire - drums

3. Jazz Connection & special guest : Angela van Rijthoven (Holland) - Angela van Rijthoven – vocals, Jurgen Feskens - тrumpet, flugelhorn & vocals, Peter van- тrombone, Rob Henneveld - тenor & Alto Saxophone, clarinet, Bart Wouters - вass & vocals, Bart Maassen – рiano, Ad Hoendervangers - drums

August 13th, Thursday

1. David Helbock Trio (Austria) – David Helbock – piano, Raphael Preuschl – bass ukulele, Reinhold Schmölzer – drums

2. Miroslava Katzarova – “Blue Moon songs of Billie Holiday” (Bulgaria) - Miroslava Katzarova – vocals, Vesselin Vesselinov “Eko” – double bass, Hristo Yotzov – percussion,Miroslav Turijski – piano,
Guests: Dennis Popstoev – alto sax, Bojidar Dimitrov – trombone
Special guest: Nikolay Karageorgiev - guitar

3. Snow Owl (Columbia, USA, Bulgaria) - Juan Garcia-Herreros – bass, Roberto Quintero – percussions, Marcio Tubino - saxophone, flute, Mihail Yossifov - trumpet, Stoyan Yankulov – drums, Alejandra Maria – violin, Marko Crncec - piano, Herbert Mayer - harmonica

4. Incognito (UK) – Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick – band leader, rhythm guitar, Francis Hylton – bass, Matt Cooper – keyboard, Joao Caetano – percussion, Francesco Mendolia – drums, Vanessa Haynes – vocals, Katie Hector - vocals, Tony Momrelle - vocals, Sid Gauld – trumpet, Nigel Hitchcock – saxophone, Alastair White – trombone, Francisco Sales - guitar

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program!

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